Friday, 25 May 2012

ABC of why to have massage

In case you were unsure, here's the A to Z of benefits massage might bring you.

Allow yourself to STOP
Bolster your natural defences
Calm your nervous system
Dissolve tension – physical and emotional
Ease stiffness in muscles
Lucinda Cracknell Massage Hertfordshire
Foster wellbeing and self-care
Ground yourself in your body
Honour your body, and your need for connection
Improve your flexibility
Just feel great
Knead muscles into glorious, squidgy release
Lessen muscle pain
Make yourself go mmmmmm……
Nurture your whole being
Open your joints for freer movement
Promote (practically) perfect posture
Quieten your mind – stop all those spinning thoughts
Relax! Mind, body and spirit
Lucinda Cracknell Massage Hertfordshire
Stimulate blood flow in your skin, muscles and connective tissue
Trigger the release of endorphins, the natural feel-good hormones
Uplift your mood
Vitalise skin
Warm and soothe your tissues
Xperience nurturance through touch
You really must try one, and – yawn - 
Zzzz Slip into peaceful, natural sleep

Sound good to you? Contact me to book a massage today.

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