Wednesday, 14 September 2011

So why sunflowers?

Lucinda Cracknell Massage St Albans
A couple of years ago, I was just starting out on my massage journey and was very unsure of where I wanted to go. I was working as an accountant full time still, in an environment that I now recognise to be unhealthy for me, and I went through a really rough patch. My energy was very low, and I felt down, helpless and hopeless.

Round the corner from me, one of my neighbours had planted a mass of sunflowers in their front garden. In August, when I was at a really low ebb, these came into flower. Everyday, on my way home from work, I would drive past them, and everyday they made me smile and lifted my mood. I still give thanks for that stranger who inadvertently helped me out that summer. I wish I'd dropped by, or left a note, to let them know what a difference it made. I wasn't in a place to make that gesture at the time, but I hope the universe is sending them positive karma for me.

So when I was feeling a bit better and starting to plan for the future, and looking for a symbol to represent my work in helping and healing others, a sunny, cheerful sunflower seemed the natural choice.

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