Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Time to start thinking about Christmas

Christmas decorations
I love the sparkle and warmth
of Christmas decorations

Now we've entered November, I think it's acceptable to start thinking and talking about Christmas. I love this time of the year, the presents and decorations, and yummy food. I had my first mince pie of the year last week - the gluten free ones aren't available all year round, so it's a mini celebration when they appear on the shelves again.

I've also just started my Christmas shopping - a mixed blessing (I get to shop! With a clear conscience!) and burden (What on earth should I get for......?!?). It may be no surprise to learn that a lot of my friends and family get massages for Christmas. And guess what, yours could to!

I have gift certificates available for all my treatments - the most popular choices are on my website, but if you want a different time, or a combination, just ask and I can tailor a certificate specifically for you. I can also suggest what might be suitable if you're not sure what someone would like, or I can provide an open certificate so they can choose their treatment.

If you're still not sure, I'm offering buy one get one half price on all gift vouchers up to Christmas Eve. So you can treat two friends, or even get a gift for someone else and treat yourself to the second one! If you buy four gifts, you're effectively getting one for free.

A little bit of "small print" you should know: One of each pair of certificates bought must be for someone else, the cheaper of the pair will be half price, and this offer can't be combined with any other discount.

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  1. Hi Lucinda, Found a good therapist in Chiang Mai. Khunka massage sat me on a stool facing a wall with a big pillow on my lap for my arm and another pillow upright against the wall for my head. Worked really well and they were able to press quite hard without my arm feeling it at all.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year