Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Facial Massage

Yellow poppies and seascape, Lefkada, Greece
Beautiful  Lefkada
When I was working in Lefkada in Greece last year, I met a lovely lady called Janine, who has become a good friend. She had several massages with me while I was there, and tried out most of my treatments. Towards the end of my stay, she had an oil massage, which included a short section on her face. Afterwards as we were chatting, she said she'd really liked that part of the massage, and for her last treatment before I left to come back to the UK, could I do a massage just on the face?

Which made me think. I'd always learnt facial massage as part of a treatment, how would I make it standalone? It's usually quite a short part of the massage, but I couldn't really offer a 5 or 10 minute treatment, and just repeating it several times would be boring, and I'd imagine would get irritating! But I had to agree with Janine, it is a lovely to have the face massaged, it was something I'd enjoyed in all the types of massage I'd studied.

Lucinda Cracknell Massage Therapy Facial MassageAnd there I had my answer. I'd learnt facial massage techniques from Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage and Thai Massage. I could combine them, drawing on the different approaches to create a unique blend, and offer Janine the half hour facial massage she wanted.

So that's what I did, and she loved it!

She suggested I should add it to the treatments I offered as standard. I sounded out the idea with a few others, who were also enthusiastic, so I did. And that's how my unique facial massage came to be.

To try a facial massage for yourself, get in touch to book an appointment.

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