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Wellness Awareness Afternoon - 1st September

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will be hosting a

Wellness Awareness Afternoon

on Sunday 1st September 2013, from 1 to 5pm

We'd be delighted if you could join us.

  • Talks and individual consultations, with advice and suggestions to help you maximise your health and vitality
  • Taster treatments – a chance to sample the benefits of many of the therapies available at Total Balance
  • Free prize draw entry for everyone who joins us on the day

The afternoon is open to everyone, and is completely complimentary, so please come along and see what's on offer to help you achieve and maintain wellness in your life.

Some activities have been confirmed, and more will be added over the next two weeks, so please check back to see what's on offer.

You'll find the clinic at 106a London Road, Apsley, HP3 9SD. You can get in touch on 01442 211 899 or

Here's the line up so far:

Taster treatments:

Ian Carter will be offering:

Sports Massage - 10 minute back, neck and shoulder massages

Pilates - individual or small group sessions, showing you how to engage your core muscles, with some simple moves to build awareness your of your own body.

Ian is a McTimoney Chiropractor, Sports Therpaist and Pilates Teacher, and Manager of Total Balance Clinic.


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I'll be offering 10 minute treatments throughout the afternoon in Thai Foot massage, Indian Head Massage and back, neck, shoulder massage.
    Thai Foot Massage - this incredibly relaxing massage uses thumbs, knuckles and a wooden massage stick to press, stroke and pummel the foot and ankle. Our feet take a daily pounding, so this treatment helps soothe aching soles and reinvigorate tired tissues to leave you walking on air.

    Indian Head Massage - a gentle Westernised form of the traditional massage, incorporating the shoulders, neck and face as well as the scalp, areas where many of us hold tension. A surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable treatment.

    Back, neck, shoulder massage  - deep tissue techniques are used through clothing, to identify the source of tension and discomfort, and encourage the muscles and tissue to 

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      Gerard Keane and Jennifer Bond of Forever Living will be talking about the properties and benefits of Aloe Vera and its uses for the treatment of conditions. Aloe Vera can:

      * Nourish your digestive system
      * Infuse you with energy
      * Protect skin from free radical damage
      * Promote skin’s natural regeneration
      * Is the only vegetarian source of vitamin B12
      * And so much more

      Gerard and Jennifer will introduce many ways in which you can make use of aloe vera, including drinks, supplements, beehive products, weight management, personal care, skincare, makeup and use for animals and in the home.

      Forever Living Products came to being in 1978 and is represented around the world in over 150 countries. Gerard and Jennifer began their Forever journey in March 2010 promoting the product range which is based around organically grown Aloe Vera.


      McTimoney Chiropractic - this is a precise, whole body approach to chiropractic care. The gentle nature of the McTimoney method makes it especially suitable for people of all ages.

      Practitioner Ian Carter will explain how McTimoney Chiropractic can realign and rebalance your body to relieve pain and discomfort, and increase mobility. He will discuss the benefits to be gained in treating a range of conditions, such as back pain, discomfort and stiffness in the joints, migraine, sports injuries and arthritic pain. 


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      Gerard and Jennifer of Forever Living will be providing individual information and advice, testers and tasters. They will have some products available on the day should anyone wish to make a purchase, or by fast order on items not immediately available. They also provide a personal follow up service on purchases or enquiries.

      Forever Living Products has a professional three part advisory board service which Gerard, Jennifer and other distributors can draw on for advice on all matters medical*, nutritional/skincare and veterinary* where immediate answers cannot be provided.

      *Please note that Forever Living Products and its distributors will not override an individual's practitioner or consultant advice on medical or veterinary matters and will only provide information to work alongside existing advice.

        Postural Assessments - Ian Carter will be offering individual assessments, with recommendations to help you address any misalignment or imbalance you may be holding in your body that, if not addressed, can lead to pain, discomfort or damage to tissues and joints.

          Be kind to yourself. Treat body and mind through compassionate, healing touch - visit Lucinda's website

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