Wednesday, 18 April 2012

On my feet for Healing Hands

Healing Hands Network
As you may know, I'm raising money for the Healing Hands Network. Healing Hands is a charity that brings together complementary therapists and people needing help as a legacy of war or disasters. The network pioneered its work in Sarajevo, Bosnia and is still there, working with those for whom rape, torture and the disappearance of loved ones during the war continue to have terrible consequences.

I’m hoping to go to Sarajevo in September as a volunteer practitioner. Although I know that the two weeks will be extremely hard, both physically and emotionally, I also think it will be incredibly rewarding. To go, I need to raise £750, although the cost to the charity is much higher.

Lucinda Cracknell Massage Hertfordshire
Waiting for the off
The fundraising got underway this weekend when I completed the Hertford 10k. This was a departure for me; usually I take my exercise, if at all, indoors and slow - think yoga. Partly this is due to back problems, so I was walking not running, but mainly it reflects a strong preference for warmth and comfort. Nonetheless, I'd been getting out and training, and not just when it was nice weather. I've been rained and sleeted on, all in the name of a good cause.

In the end, it was perfect day for it - sunny but not too warm. I set off at 10.30 with about 400 other participants, most of whom I didn't see again as I settled into my position at the back! I was second to last home, but really pleased to manage a time of 92 minutes, well inside my expected 100 minutes. And yes, I did treat myself to a massage afterwards.

Lucinda Cracknell Massage Hertfordshire
Success - with my medal
and goodie bag
Having proven I can do it, I have whetted my appetite so I'm thinking about taking on another challenge. There are more fund raising activities in the pipeline too. Keep an eye out for updates and ways to get involved. Here's a starter for 10; book a Healing Hands Massage and 50% of the price goes to the charity.

For more information about the Healing Hands Network see my page or their website. If you would like to make a contribution, you can do so here.

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