Sunday, 11 December 2011

10 Reasons to Have a Thai Foot Massage

Lucinda Cracknell Thai Foot Massage Hemel Hempstead
Using a wooden massage stick to soothe
and release the tissues of the foot
  1. We put our feet through a lot, they support us (literally) so deserve a little bit of TLC in return. Bearing our weight can cause tension and adhesions in the muscles and connective tissue. Massage can help to correct this.
  2. Massage on the feet is incredibly relaxing for the whole body, and can promote sleep (most of my clients doze off during the massage; I’ve never had a Thai Foot Massage without falling asleep)
  3.  Our feet are our connection to the Earth; clearing blockages can help us ground ourselves
  4.  Any issues with our feet affect posture and if not addressed can start a ripple of aches and pains up our bodies
  5. By working the reflex points on the sole of the foot, you get a work out for your internal organs as well
  6.  Thai Medicine works with the Sen lines and four elements which make up the body. Imbalance in these elements (earth, air, water and wind) is held to cause disease. Clearing the Sen lines allows the wind element, or energy, to flow through the lines to balance the elements and the body.
  7.  Only socks and shoes are removed, which is less intrusive than other forms of bodywork and means no messed up hair or make up
  8.  It’s not just feet – the ankles, shin and calf are also massaged, great if you wear high heels a lot, or for runners
  9. The cream and oil used are absorbed to nourish and soften the skin
  10. It just feels great!!

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